Tofu & Vegetables Par Excellence

Last night Barbara made one of her most satisfying dinners, a richly-flavored tofu and vegetables which I think you would enjoy.  I was thrilled to be able to pair with the dish a wine I had just received that afternoon, another bottle of 2011 Vinos Ambiz Malvar Sobremadré.  This is a wine I found so intriguing back in July.

Insta tofu & vegs-14

One interesting aspect to this meal was the use of two packaged items that enhanced the dish a lot.  One was TruRoots Sprouted Rice Trio, a blend of three rices I have used several times before.  The other was new for us: Trader Joe’s Soyaki marinade, which added depth of flavor for the tofu.

2013-11-14 09.05.24 HDR

Cooked rice blend:

rice blend-23

Here is the full recipe:

tofu & vegs recipe

plate and wine-14

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