Recipe for almost anything: Olive oil, chopped garlic, hot peppers, salt and pepper….

I just had lunch.  Great lunch, even though it was a reprise of previous meals and wines.  It started when Barbara found a rotting potato in the drawer, so she threw out all the potatoes there.  Among them were a few perfectly good fingerling potatoes which were showing a few sprouts on each.  Since I eat sprouted rice, grains, and other foods, I figured a few potato sprouts would do no harm, so I rescued them from the compost heap, boiled them for 45 minutes, cooled, peeled and sliced them, and finally cooked them as in Potato with Pepperoncino (adding a few chopped Nicoise black olives).

Next, was Cicoria e Aglio.  I bought a head of chicory at the market the other day, and since my wife does not like bitter greens, this was my chance to eat it.  Both dishes will be found in the previous link.

These dishes stood up perfectly to three totally different wines:

  • 2012 Villa Creek White — terrific blend, 50% Grenache Blanc, 50 % Rousanne — unfortunately sold out at the winery, wait until next year
  • 2012 Ciliegiolo — the Ligurian Rosé I raved about here
  • 2011 Gaspare Buscemi Esperienze — a red from Venezia Giulia (mentioned here)

No new photos here (refer to previous posts or below to get some images), but this seems to be as good an all-purpose recipe for delicious food as I can find.

Cicoria e aglio

Cicoria e aglio recipe

Potatoes with Pepperoncini

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