Portland feast for the long weekend

Pat and Pete invited me up to Portland for a visit during the long weekend.  Nazli and Larry were visiting, and it was an opportunity to commune with food and wine-loving friends in a most urbane setting, so I couldn’t pass it up.  Although the visit was less than 24 hours, it was jam-packed with culinary and other delights.  I can’t give you the complete menu, but I did take some pictures.  Vegan was my schtick; everyone else is omnivorous, and vigorously so.  So I made a few small adjustments, and enjoyed a lot!

all dishes together-06

dishes on counter-06

A cold green soup, farro salad with pickled olives and cherries, two varieties of freshly-shucked Maine oysters with mignonette, lobster rolls — made with a brown butter vinaigrette on Standard Bakery’s fresh Challah (it was Friday night), and homemade pizzas using Ken Forkish’s delicious pizza dough topped with potato puree, arugula, mushrooms, stracchino cheese, and other toppings, and the best olive oil.

farro salad-04

lobster meat-56

my pizza 1


Pizzas cut properly with a pi-cutter:

pi cutter-03

sunlit oysters with lemon - crop-06


I had only two oysters — honestly.  And the four slice of pancetta I bought were all for my friends on their pizza, not mine.

Wines: first was a Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling, followed by a Li Velli Rosé of Negroamaro, and then a Li Velli Passamente with the pizza.  Tutti bene!

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