Baked Rice with Currants and Chickpeas

From Claudia Roden’s marvelous cookbook, The Food of Spain, comes a paella-like dish, Baked Rice with Currants and Chickpeas.  I actually made it last week, so it’s out of sequence, but I wanted you to see it before too much more time passed.  Here is the recipe, and it’s pretty straightforward.  Of course, I used our vegetable stock.

Baked Rice with Currants and Chickpeas

Sauté a head of garlic and some currants in olive oil in a cazuela.

sauté garlic and currants

Add the chickpeas and tomatoes.

add chickpeas and tomatoes

Add the stock and pimenton and bring to a boil.

add stock

Add the rice, stir and bake in a 400º F. oven for 30 minutes or until rice is tender.


Serve on the plate or bowl.  Squeeze roasted garlic cloves into the dish.

on the plate

Accompany with braised green beans, tomatoes and garlic.

green beans, tomatoes, garlic, and beans

Seve with a 2007 Black Slate Porrera, made from Garnacha and Carinena from Priorat.

Black Slate 2007

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