Oysters on a Bed of the Snows of March

We will end up with about ten feet of snow this winter.  I don’t deny that it is beginning to try our patience, but I have found one redeeming feature for all of this snow: it makes it easy for a quick and effective bed of ice/snow for a bunch of oysters.  Since I’m still on a campaign to supplement my vegan ways with extra B-12, I found it satisfying to take a break from grading papers (another 41 in this group) and to have oysters for lunch.

Instagram Low-Fi

Two days ago I bought some of my favorites at The Quarterdeck, Ninigrets from Rhode Island, and South Beach Blondes from the Cape or the Vineyard.

2013-03-30 16.53.51

Wine comparisons — a Vermentino from Sardinia and a Verdeca from Puglia.  The Verdeca won, mostly because of the saltiness of the Ninigrets and the match with that flavor.

2013-03-30 16.54.18

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