Early “Spring” Supper

As the new snow continues to accumulate outside (up to another 14″ this time), I am reminded that “Spring” in New England is a relative term.  One definition that’s a little more predictable is the arrival of asparagus not grown in Peru.

Barbara did the honors last night with a delicious “Spring” supper, two days ahead of the calendar event, and well before the weather cooperates, too.  She started by steaming nice fat asparagus spears, topped with finely chopped hard-boiled egg and lightly sautéed shallot in a simple vinaigrette.

asparagus and chopped egg

Other fixings for the meal included some russet potato trimmings done as home fries:

home fries

along with leftover homemade spinach-feta cheese pita bread toasted in a hot oven:

pita toast

This all came together beautifully with thin slices of her homemade Gravlax, cured with dill and lemon (should have been orange) peel, served with bitter-sweet chunks of endive in vinaigrette.

supper plate

How’s that for Springy?  Not particularly vegan, but still delicious, as well as restorative in B-12.  Wines were selected from two open bottles: a glass of Sardinian Vermentino (2009 Argiolas Costamolino) to complement the salmon, asparagus and egg; and a glass or two of 2011 Carchelo (a Spanish blend of Monastrell, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon) from Jumilla, to accompany the potatoes and pita toast.  Even the serving dishes trumpeted the arrival of a more felicitous season.  Buon appetito!

2 wines

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