Brooklyn — Delightful, Hip, but without the Dodgers

Last weekend Aaron and I went to New York for a few days, before he went back out West.  The venue was Brooklyn, to visit with Jeremy and friends, to revel in good food and wine, and to explore the formerly-mysterious (to me) Borough of Brooklyn.

I rented a sweet, centrally-located apartment with amazingly good Feng Shui and spent a good bit of time walking around the various neighborhoods, getting a feel for each.  I won’t provide the usual litany of what I ate and drank where (you may need a break from all that), but I will say that Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is one of the best pizza places in the country, and that Osteria Il Paiolo in Williamsburg does a very fine Spaghetti Puttanesca for lunch.

You can get some of the flavor of my trip in this photo album, with previews below.

il Paiolo bar corner via Hipsta

toward the end of my pasta

Limoncello Lavazza

late aft Williamsbug street

smart phone bench crop

young men in Bklyn

Paulie Gee's

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