Rome — and especially Testaccio

After Puglia, we capped our trip with time in Rome.  Aaron had only one full day before he had to return home, so following a tour of two very good wine bars with the guidance of Katie Parla, we spent all Sunday walking around the ancient part of the city on our own.  That night, we had a fine dinner with Robbie, Eileen and Miriam, who just happened to be in Rome at the same time.  Before bed, I measured on Google maps how far we had walked: 7 miles — probably a new record for me.

Aaron flew off early on Monday, so I spent the rest of the week exploring the culinary wonders of Rome in general, and Testaccio — where I rented a delightful apartment — in particular.  As you may have read in an earlier post, I was able to make a couple of dinners with the produce from the Testaccio market, two blocks away.

Food highlights were:

  • pizza at Forno Roscioli
  • treccia in Testaccio
  • seeing my old friend Mauro, co-owner of La Matriciana
  • buying, cooking and eating agretti, with thanks to Italicious for recipe

One day I shifted into cultural mode and saw two art exhibitions: one on the life and work of Dali and the other, Miro.  It was a satisfying change of pace.

The full set of Rome photos are in this album.

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