Food and Wines of Puglia…

…are absolutely amazing.  I’m in Rome now, but Aaron and I just spent eight glorious days basking in the glories of Puglia.  Later, in additional posts, I’ll give you a more balanced view of that part of the trip.  But first, I’m eager to tell you about the gustatory highlights.

With this link to our Puglia Food, you will see orecchiete made the traditional way on the streets of Bari, fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds from the markets in Monopoli and Lecce, traditional breadmaking with special semola flour from Altamura, a cheesemaking artisan handcrafting superb mozzarella, burrata, and cacciocavallo in a scenic location not far from Alberobello, Laura Giordano’s superb cooking at Antonello’s and her beautiful Masseria Gelso Bianco (featuring lessons for making cavatelli, deep-frying lampascione, and preparing young artichokes) — plus wine tasting and lunch at Li Veli winery among the vineyards and olive groves in Salento.

More to come soon…

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