New Black Eagle Jazz Band 40th Anniversary Concert

This afternoon we went to the Collings Foundation site in Stow to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Black Eagles Jazz Band, with a concert at the foundation’s aviation and antique car museum.  The full set of photos is in this album, and the highlights are below.

The full band was there, including five of the original members: Tony Pringle (cornet), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), and “Pam” Pameijer (drums).  They were joined by their new regular bass player, plus a host of other musicians who had played with the group on previous occasions.

Superb music, great fun, gorgeous day and fascinating collection in the museum.

1937 Cord

1932 Duesenberg SJ

High Fashion 1920's and 30's

one of the planes on display







Here is a short video clip with the band and some of the guest musicians:


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