Saturday Lunch

Few things are more enjoyable for me than a weekend lunch, especially one in which I can draw from recent leftovers, fresh ingredients of the highest quality, and some of my favorite flavorings, plus my recent craftsmanship — sort of The Food of the Week in Review.  Today was one of those occasions.  So my first post in two and a half weeks is all about that lunch.  Buon appetito!

It was assembled from a variety of different elements, all vegan, of course:

  • my best-to-date Tartine bread, whole wheat (70/30 whole wheat to white bread flour ratio), lightly fried in olive oil, per Chad Robertson.  One slice was topped with my homemade hummus (which was slightly bitter, due to too much tahini), homemade Spicy Mix sprouts, lightly sprouted sunflower seeds, and leftover Peppers in Agrodolce.  The other slice was made with some mashed kidney beans (can one say “re-microwaved” beans instead of refried?), along with the sprouts, peppers and sunflower seeds.
  • a small fennel from the farmer’s market, fried, then braised, with onion and garlic, seasoned with a little Provence Thyme grown from seed in our raised bed garden, plus Szechuan pepper and Sicilian sea salt ground fragrantly together
  • a cube of polenta with chanterelle and tomato sauce, leftover from dinner
  • pan-roasted Padron peppers with Trapani sea salt
  • a yellow heirloom tomato from the local farmstand, with olive oil and Alaea salt
  • a couple of glasses of Bisceglia 2006 Aglianico del Vulture, from Basilicata

3660 Seasoned Alaea Salt

my Tartine-style whole wheat bread

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