Wild Turkeys…..the birds, not the bourbon

One morning recently I looked out of the dining room window and suddenly noticed a gray form moving across the driveway.  Curious, I watched a little longer and saw two, three, four, five of these figures walking slowly in single file.  Much to my amazement it was a flock (proper collective name?) of wild turkeys — about 20 of them in total.  They proceeded deliberately behind the pizza oven and then toward the back of the garage.

I rushed to grab my mini videocam and ran outside to film the procession.  Apologies for the terrible video quality — I was too excited and afraid they’d run off before I got there, to keep a steady hand.  Anyway, here’s the full video clip on YouTube:

They continued steadily, behind the garage and back into the woods on the other side, pretty much impervious to my presence.  On the other hand, they might have been preoccupied with Thanksgiving less than three weeks away.

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