Pizza Forays

I like pizza, even when when someone else makes it.  Fortunately, so does Michael. Recently, he found an article on about pizza meccas in greater Boston, and the two of us made a compact to visit many of these in the upcoming months.  Here is our master list:

Armondo’s on Huron Ave
Same Old Place in Jamaica Plain
Santarpio’s in East Boston
Joe Pizza in Medford
Sabatino’s Pizza in East Arlington
My Brother’s Place in Arlington
Chelsea..John’s Pizza on Central Avenue
Swampscott…Cinde’s Pizza..Humphrey Street
Pisa Pizza in Malden
Bianchi’s in Revere Beach

Our first foray was to Arlington, where we had Thursday lunch at Sabatino’s.

It gets excellent reviews on Yelp and Chowhound.  We each had two slices:

  • sausage, and onion with peppers for Michael
  • sausage, and Greek-style spinach, feta cheese and tomato for me

As you would imagine, we have a highly-sophisticated rating system, viz. :

Reporting from

242 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

the Pizza Mavens

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