Pizza tonight, roast chicken for tomorrow….

We cranked up the pizza oven tonight for a couple of friends and us.  Then, we cooked four more pizzas for Sarah and family for Wednesday.  These four were almost fully-cooked, so we could freeze them and finish reheating in the oven, in preparation for the hordes we’ll need to feed on the island in three weeks.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you about…

The bonus tonight turned out to be the roast chicken.  I let the oven cool down for two or three hours, so it was about 550 degrees F. (from 900+), and then roasted a chicken.  It required loving care and attention, rotating the dish to cook evenly, turning the chicken several times, watching carefully to see it was done but not overcooked.  Oh, yeah, and for the last twenty minutes I threw onto the coals a chunk of pear wood from Michael’s shop, so it would smolder and smoke the chicken a bit (who knows if that was long enough to make any difference?).  Magic ingredients include dried limes and lemons, which I ground up in a spice grinder, per this New York Times article.

The result was worth the effort.  Here’s the recipe:

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