I was shopping at Trader Joe’s last week, and I stumbled on a new and attractive box of dried pasta, Italian-made Organic Lemon Torchietti.

It was appealing enough to buy it and try it the next night. I had also purchased a small bag of Meyer Lemons there. I love them because they are less acidic, taste great, and have deep orangey-yellow skin for zesting. I read a Meyer Lemon Sauce recipe on the internet. It was too complicated for this pasta, but I did use Meyer lemon zest and juice, one chopped shallot, plus unsalted butter, as part of the sauce.

Unlike my usual extravaganzas, this meal involved boiling the pasta, placing it in a bowl with frozen green peas and some leftover broccoli rabe, adding Meyer lemon flavorings, grated Pecorino cheese, and a splash of olive oil. It was easy, colorful and delicious. I can definitely recommend this pasta.

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