Warm Cannellini Beans with Radicchio and Pecorino

This is an adaptation of a Ranch Gordo recipe, substituting “Marcella” cannellini beans for the cranberry beans in the original post.

I love cannellini beans, and especially the “Marcella” dry beans from Ranch Gordo, named in honor of Marcella Hazan. I soaked a batch of them last night, and I cooked them today, both for bean dishes and for white bean purée to spread on my sourdough bread later this week.

It’s an easy recipe, and when you have fresh Radicchio di Treviso, it’s a real winner. Here are the photos from today’s lunch.

I was fortunate enough to have a bottle of 2020 Pantaleone Onirocep (that’s Pecorino spelled backwards), imported by my friend, Jan D’Amore.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon lunch. I especially liked the dressing and its robust Garlic Sherry Vinaigrette. Nothing subtle there. Superb!

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