Creamed Corn and Scallops Al Forno, and Ikarian Summertime Soufiko

One of my favorite dishes ever was a bowl of soup from Al Forno restaurant in Providnce, RI. The recipe is startlingly simple:

I tried making it the first time back in 2005, and it was perfectly delicious.

This week I was blessed with very good bay scallops from Peru and Mirai corn from Harper’s Farm Stand. One of the ways to serve them both was to repeat this recipe with minor adaptation.

Sweet and smooth as ever.

For the main course I settled on a vegetarian stew from the Greek island of Ikaria, Summertime Soufiko. This is featured in the Blue Zone Cookbook, and I’m intrigued with the technique of cooking the vegetables initially without oil so they simply stew in their own juices. It’s very healthy, reasonably quick, visually appealing, and totally delicious.

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