Today I celebrated my 81st birthday. August 15th was also Julia Child’s birthday. Naturally, food and wine played important roles in the festivities. It was also a good time to adopt the Italian saying shown above. Now I have a very good reason to linger at the table even longer than I usually do.

Breakfast was relatively simple; leftover Caponata plus a slice of toast with Italian sheep milk cheese (Coratina) was sufficient, along with the usual fruit juices.

Caponata a la Romagnolis

I had made two loaves of Alexandra Stafford’s Peasant Bread last week, and that made fine toast for breakfast.

Alexandra’s Peasant Bread

Lunch was a bit more complex — one medium-sized beet cut into 4 slices, and topped with feta cheese, beet greens sautéed with garlic, slices of heirloom tomato, and Spanish sherry vinegar. Then I had a bowl of leftover cooked farro with chopped grilled vegetables and a light vinaigrette. A glass of Groundwork 2019 Graciano wine went nicely with the lunch.

Dinner was the main event, and my wife treated me royally. She made a superb Asparagus Risotto with Carnaroli rice, and for dessert she created a fresh Strawberry/Peach Mürbeteig (Shortcrust Pastry). They looked and tasted delicious.

Asparagus Risotto
strawberry/peach slice with balsamic vinegar and basil

A Spanish Rueda white wine from the Verdejo grape was my choice for the risotto dish.

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2 Responses to 81

  1. btrb says:

    Happy birthday! My birthday is August 15, too! I see I need to start incorporating wine with my birthday lunches, like you. Although I made up for it by drinking way too much wine with my dinner! I enjoyed your post. – Barb

  2. dgourmac says:

    Thanks for you comments, Barb. Happy birthday to you. A little wine, often, is my preferred approach. Glad to have a fellow Leo on board.

    Best Regards

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