Feta-Brined Eggplant with Scallops, Peas, and Wild Rice

This is an indulgent recipe. It begins with two elements at play. One is a recipe I found which uses the brine from a container of Feta cheese as a way to salt eggplant, as an alternative to the traditional kosher-salt-for-an-hour trick. The other vector is the acquisition of fresh scallops from Farmers to You, by way of Red’s Best in Boston. These two elements were fused together with fresh English peas, sliced tomatoes, and wild rice. A little bit of Feta cheese was thrown in as a reminder about the origin of the brine for the eggplant.

Here’s the recipe that inspired brining eggplant.

Here is the final dish.

This by Tinrocket 1.1 (109) Scallops | Peas | Wild rice | Grilled eggplant and Feta cheese | Tomatoes

I was thrilled with the results from brining the eggplant. Deeper, richer flavor, and not too salty. I will try it again in other dishes, as soon as I can find good Italian eggplants.

Buon appetito!

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