For Fans of Marcella and Victor Hazan

If you are passionate about good food, you probably are familiar with Marcella Hazan. And if you really care about Italian cooking, Marcella has directly or indirectly already played a role in your appreciation and approach.

I’ve been a devotee for about 40 years, and I am writing tonight to solicit your support for a project I just learned about today.

Message I received today from Peter Miller, documentary film-maker:

As you may have heard, I’m making a documentary about Marcella Hazan, my food hero. I saw your post to Victor’s Facebook page and suspect that we are kindred spirits in our esteem for the work of Marcella and Victor. My goal is to make a documentary for wide audiences that will bring Marcella’s story to the world. We are in the final week of a Kickstarter for the documentary, which will help make it possible for us to complete filming. I wonder if you might consider sharing news about the campaign on your blog, or with anyone you think might be interested.

If so, here’s the link:

I’ve signed up, and I do hope this project is a success. We will all benefit.

I’ve been writing this blog now for 12 years. There have been more than 600 posts, and Marcella is featured in 29 of them. Victor, too, has an important role for me in food and wine.

Thanks for considering a timely contribution.

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