A Few Old Favorites

Last week was a good time to prepare a few old favorites, some with a new twist.

For example, I bought some Countneck clams and tried an approach from Al Forno (both the restaurant and the cookbook). This variation called for cooking the clams and accompanying vegetables in a very hot oven, 500° F. It took longer than expected, but the flavors were good and the colors were appealing.

Another lunch featured a few of my favorite radicchios in a salad, washed down with a glass of Birichino Vin Gris, a good match.

To fill out that meal I also made a small recipe of Caponata (Romagnolis-style), which is always delicious and healthy.

Barbara made a lovely diverse salad for dinner another night, with lettuces, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, scallions, celery, parsley, and steamed artichokes. No photos here, but it felt French enough for me to open a 2016 bottle of Saumur Rouge — always a delightful treat in a Parisian bistro.

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