Whole Wheat Orzo

It will come as no surprise to my readers that I love pasta. This post is about the only version of pasta in which I prefer whole wheat to white flour. That is true whether I am making my own or buying packaged pasta. The surprise favorite here is Delallo brand, organic whole wheat orzo, which I buy at Whole Foods.

Last night I made one of many possible dishes with just 3/4 cup of orzo, some of my favorite vegetables and some grated Ricotta Salata cheese. It made enough for 3 servings. Here’s the whole story on one page:

The dish would go well with either a white wine or a red. I chose a red, naturally. It was a 2017 Cardamone, from Reale Winery in Tramonti, on the Amalfi Coast. We had visited the winery, explored its huge ancient vines in the vineyard, and were treated to a complete tasting and a delicious lunch, all by one of the owners, Gigino. Thanks again to Nick Mucci, the importer and distributor, for setting up that visit.

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