Spanish Tortilla with Prosciutto

I have two reference points for Spanish cooking. One is Claudia Roden, an author with a wide range of cookbooks touching much of the Mediterranean. She is also the author of Food of Spain, a magnificent compendium with 609 pages and dozens of superb recipes and associated commentary. The other is Penelope Casas, the author of seven cookbooks on the cuisine of Spain (and I have six of them, all well-used).

Tonight I was in the mood for a traditional Spanish Tortilla, but I also was looking to add some excellent prosciutto from Eataly Boston into the dish, so with a little research into Penelope’s Foods and Wines of Spain (where I usually go for the recipe), I found exactly what I needed.

I made two small changes to the recipe: (1) using prosciutto slices for the cured ham, and (2) finishing the tortilla in the oven, under a hot broiler, so I didn’t have to risk flipping it while the egg on top was still liquid.

All I needed to add was a small salad with Bibb lettuce, Castelfranco, and vinaigrette (plus a few raw green beans, the last from our garden on the deck), and a small Imam (eggplant dish) leftover from dinner at a Greek restaurant last night. For wine accompaniment, a bottle of Abadiá da Cova, from the Caino grape was a perfect choice.

It turns out that broiling the top of the tortilla and flipping it after it was done allowed me to turn it over safely on the serving plate, The dramatic effect of the crisped prosciutto which became the top was secured by this approach. It was a totally successful meal, definitely worth repeating.

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