Vegetables as Small Meals

Just a small post, with a few recent examples of vegetables as complete meals for lunch or dinner.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to enjoy vegetables is to buy a jar of prepared vegetables in your local ethnic markets. In my case that would be a jar of fried Georgian vegetables (mostly eggplant, tomatoes and peppers) from Massis Bakery, an Armenian market in Watertown, MA.

on toasted bread, of course

with a glass of my son’s Arizona Tempranillo — OUTSTANDING!

Here is a combination of vegetables and bruschetta, including Halloumi cheese from Cyprus, pipèrade (homemade from a Basque recipe), golden beets heated on the grill, and fresh arugula for counterpoint to the sweetness of the beets.

How about a plate of red beets with chopped Greek pistachios, red wine vinegar, Israeli Feta cheese and chives; plus delicious oven-roasted Butternut squash leftover from a previous dinner?

Another option is a full plate of different vegetables, each prepared in its own best way, offered for a light supper.

Baby Artichokes | Beets | Brique Brebis | Our Spring onions | Roasted sweet peppers | Asparagus with Shallot-wine sauce |

What these showcase, I think, is the rich flavors and bold colors not normally associated with “vegetables”. We are entering the season now when our selections and choices will be plentiful, and the preparations from many cuisines are not complicated. Buon appetito!

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