Three Meals

Over the many years of my fascination with food, I’ve subscribed to numerous magazines. These included Gourmet, Food & Wine, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Cook’s Magazine, and Cook’s Illustrated. In fact, one of the first uses I had for a personal computer (25 years ago) was scanning and cataloging recipes I wanted to save. This activity preceded the Internet, but since those days, the explosion of food-related websites provided me and my fellow-foodies a limitless supply of valuable resources — recipes, techniques, video clips, equipment reviews, sources of supply, and much more. About a week ago I was browsing and came across the sites for America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated. A few of the recipes intrigued me enough, so I decided to subscribe. The next day I made Eggs Pipérade for breakfast, and it was the first of three superb meals I cooked just for myself on March 30th.


Eggs Pipérade

The recipe PDF is available in the link above.

It was a much more extensive breakfast than my usual fruit smoothie, fruit, or slice of toast with hummus, but the flavors were rich and delicious, and altogether delightful.


When lunchtime came along, I was browsing the refrigerator and came across a head of romaine lettuce that needed to be used immediately. That led to a meal of:

  • grilled romaine salad with chickpeas
  • grilled sourdough bread with Sicilian anchovy
  • a glass of Etna Bianco, Sicilian white wine

grilled romaine


It was my night to cook dinner, so I invented a vegetarian dish we could enjoy (and it would be vegan if you left off the Parmesan cheese). Here’s the recipe:

and what the dish looked like in the cazuela and on our plates. It also did a fine job using up leftover vegetables, such as the butternut squash, some broccoli florets, sweet red pepper, and Shiitake mushrooms. One big pleasant surprise was how well the chopped sun-dried tomatoes provided rich flavor and integration for it all.

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