Just a few more details…

…are necessary for a complete picture of my October food and wine.

For many years, I have favored Burgundies for my higher-end, longer-term wine purchases. Fortunately, we’ve now reached an age (both mine and the Burgundies) when it’s time to enjoy those investments. One of the high points this Fall was a 1992 bottle of Robert Chevillon’s Nuits-St.-Georges. I also have some of his 1995’s from this vineyard, but the 1992 was so much richer and smoother than the last ’95 I tasted. My only regret is that I did not have any friends available in person with whom I could share this old Burgundy.

While I am filling in the details of recent meals, I realized I left out a surprise plate that I enjoyed for lunch to go along with the Chilean Cinsault in a recent post. The dish was just a plate of Nachos — but with a few flourishes. Blue corn chips and salsa, of course, but these were enhanced by vegan queso (made from cashews), Ranch Gordo heirloom Moro beans, finely-chopped Padron peppers from our deck railing garden, fresh chunks of ripe avocado, and a pretty serving plate.

And, most recently, I can add yesterday’s lunch — another superb bruschetta with leftovers, accompanied by a well-aged wine.

Cavolo nero sautéed with garlic, and roasted red pepper plus Nicoise olives

Buon appetito!

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