Late Night Snack

Okay, now that we’ve shown in the previous post how to roast and peel sweet peppers, the question is, “what do we do with them?”

Fortunately, I felt a need for a late night snack tonight, and I am happy to share my answer to the question.  Here’s the photo, followed by the narrative.

I was at the tail end of the last sourdough bread loaf from last week, so I trimmed the harder crusts and sliced 4 pieces of bread.  These were sautéed in olive oil on both sides.  When nice and crisp, I topped two of them with slices of Trader Joe’s Goat Milk Brie cheese, and then added the sliced sweet peppers with capers.  Next, I topped the other two slices with a Ligurian olive paste, made from Taggiasche olives, and then added the rest of the sliced peppers.  A generous sprinkling of sea salt crystals from Ibiza and freshly-ground black pepper from Costa Rica completed the dish.

Now for the finale.  The last few weeks have been unusual in that I’ve been drinking less wine, and even enjoying it less when I do drink.  Still, I had an open bottle of a 2016 Saumur Champigny Rouge — a Loire Valley Cab Franc, so I poured some into one of my favorite French glasses.  The results were marvelous.  Just hit the spot.  The only thing missing, I think, was to have rubbed a little raw garlic on the toast, before the toppings.  Next time.   There’s always room for improvement.


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