Library Cookbook Club, and Experiments at Home

We are always exploring about cooking and eating.  Recently we joined a cookbook club at our town library.  Once a month the members look at two chosen cookbooks, select a recipe they want to make, and bring it to a group supper.  My wife and I each do a dish for the event.  It’s fun, we learn some new recipes, and we get to try different things.

Sometimes, one piece of information leads to another, and we go off in new directions fruitfully.  That happened last month after a cookbook club evening.  We did some research in our food magazines (e.g. Fine Cooking), and the result was several new dishes in our repertoire.  In particular, we liked Seedy Herbed Walnuts and Artichoke Galettes.  I used the motivation to experiment with a roasted radicchio dish with sheep milk cheese and oven-roasted potatoes, as well.

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