First Snowfall, Tuesday Night Dinner

Like much of the country as we begin December, we got a hefty chunk of snow the past few days.   Through Sunday evening, Monday, and Tuesday, the total accumulation here was about 12″ of fairly wet snow.  With significant changes to our logistics plans, I picked up my former student (who was our guest speaker in class for Monday) on Sunday night.  Instead of driving 1.5-2 hours to our house for dinner and overnight, we stayed in town Sunday night and were able to avoid another 2 hour trip Monday morning to school.

The class and business plan coaching sessions went very well, and I was able to get back home Monday night at 7 PM.  Lorin had plowed the driveway in the afternoon.  As always, Barbara ably handled the shoveling of you walkway, Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  Since the snow continued to mid-day on Tuesday, I was able to run my snow thrower that morning, so the driveway was clear by 11:30 AM.

Tuesday was my night to cook dinner.  I took the easy route: main dish was a package of Kite Hill Mushroom Ravioli with Almond Milk Ricotta.  We had a bunch of Peruvian asparagus, and Barbara had the idea of making the dish with chopped egg, diced cornichons, and sautéed shallots.  That turned out to be quick and relatively easy.  Barbara had some flavorful leftover vegan bechamel from a gigantic Lasagna she made a few nights ago, so I used that for the sauce (with a little lemon juice added) for the ravioli.

One of my favorite Italian white wines has always been Greco di Tufo from Campania.  I haven’t seen that in stores for some time, but Eileen at Social Wines had a very good Greco from Fatalone in Puglia, and that was a beautiful match.

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