Tidbits from the Past Three Months

I’ve been AWOL (Away Without Leave — military jargon) from my blogging for three months.  You can attribute it to my teaching activities, the holidays, sheer laziness, or all of the above.  In any case, too much has gone by for me to reconstruct any sort of cogent stories about what has transpired in the food, wine, and travel departments during that period.  Fortunately, I saved a few good photos, and an occasional recipe or two, so I will now provide tidbits of some of the highlights.

Portuguese Octopus

Found some at Whole Foods; cooked it as prescribed.  Enjoyed it immensely.

Year-End Goodies

Decorations for the holidays:

Turkey Pot Pie by Barbara, leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Baked Mussels with Tomatoes

With some Roasted Monkfish

Accompanied by a remarkable Sicilian white wine — recently discoved in my cellar, about 20 years past when it was supposed to be drunk.

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