Farmers Markets, Whole Grain Rye Levain, Bulgarian Cheese, and Italian Wine

Two weekends ago I was able to delight in fresh vegetables from nearby sustainable farms, bake some fresh breads, and drink favorite wines from Italy.  What could be better than that?

Here is some of my haul from the farmers:

Yellow Zucchine, white turnip, and rare red eggplant (Melanzane Rosse di Rotonda)

For bread I made two loaves of  my Whole Grain Rye Levain.  This went beautifully underneath slices of Kashkaval, a sheep’s milk Bulgarian cheese.  The wine is a Calabrian red, Savuto by Odoardi.

Since I had extra levain to play with, I decided to experiment with a sourdough flatbread a day later.  Man, it was sour!  The sheep cheese smoothed it out a little, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Andrea Fendi did a nice job. as well.

Pan-Grilled Sourdough Flatbread with Kashkaval


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