Ever since I read two articles about the longevity and healthy eating on the Greek isle of Ikaria, I have been attracted to their style of life and food.  Over the last six years, I’ve made several of those vegetarian dishes, and I always enjoyed them.  On Sunday I tried another one — Soufico — from the book Country Cooking of Greece, by Diane Kochilas.  Her description of the dish is below the photo of her book.


Soufico is really an ideal dish for this time of year.  The bounty of fabulous fresh vegetables at local farm stands is all around us.  I made a small version of the recipe, for just the two of us.  Here is the recipe, followed by the photos, including the eggplant which was our own, from a plant we keep on the deck.

Waterlogue version of the Ingredients

I removed the peppers after cooking them with the stew; I then add them to my plate, since Barbara can’t eat them.

For wine, I had the last glass from the 2014 Odoardi Savuto, which was opened a few days before, when I made a richly-flavored Penne Pasta with Italian Summer Vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, onion, leek, tomato, capers and peppers) for myself:



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