Uruguayan Wine Dinner at La Bodega by Salts

One of my favorite dining choices some time ago was a Uruguayan restaurant, Salts, in Cambridge.  They closed that location  a few years back.  Then, the chef, Gabriel, decided to build their own place, and with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and lots of toil and travail, they recently opened La Bodega by Salts in Watertown, MA.  I’d been looking for an opportunity to go, and when they announced a special dinner based on the wines and food of Uruguay, I signed up and enlisted my friend Chris to join me.

The Invitation

Both the food and the wine were wonderful.  There were several highlights, not the least of which was the amazing Vermouth Gabriel made from one of the wines featuring the Tannat grapes of the country.  The crowning touch was the service in lovely etched glasses.

House-made Vermouth

Cerro Chapeu Tannat de Reserva

The bar

Menu and Wine List


Wood Grilled Maine Oysters

Buñuelos de Algas — Seaweed Fritters

Hearts of Palm

Uruguayan Ribeye

Each dish was distinct and beautifully-executed, and Francisco’s discussion of each of the accompanying wines was instructive.  Obviously, I set aside my vegetarian/vegan ways for the night, but the plates were small, and I kept my quantities even smaller, so it worked just fine.

If your travels take you anywhere near La Bodega by Salts, I can highly recommend the food, ambience, and service.  So does the Boston Globe: La Bodega


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