Impending Snow, More Dining in New York City

Lunch had been so good, it was challenging to find another place close, but new to me.  As I walked around that afternoon, I found a lovely art deco reminder of why I love the Gramercy Park area.

On the next block I found a small, neighborhood Italian restaurant that intrigued me, so I made a solo reservation for 7:00 PM.  Much to my delight, the restaurant (Novità) turned out to be the style of the intimate French restaurants I knew and loved in the city during the 1960’s and 70’s.  Family-owned, regular local customers, very good food and wine, visually delightful and warm, it was the perfect choice as the snow began to come down Tuesday night.  And it was one block from my apartment — my feet would stay dry that night.

Dinner was first, a grilled wild mushroom salad (light touch on the olive oil) with baby spinach, followed by pasta with black truffles.  I think I had a glass of Barbaresco, but honestly, I can not remember.  Dessert is not on my list of things to eat, but a glass of Amaro was greatly welcomed.

Wednesday arrived, with the gathering snow, as promised, although it was mixed with freezing rain during the morning.  That was enough for me to eat leftover guacamole and the smoothie I brought from home for breakfast, and I didn’t venture out until my stomach reminded me it was lunchtime.  The weather was beginning to get ugly, so I went with the nearest known quantity, namely Maialino, a Danny Meyer restaurant immediately across the street from me.  I had been there twice previously and was not impressed (almost all of his restaurant are outstanding), but I was ready for pasta and this was VERY close at hand.

Properly garbed with several layers underneath, I put on my baby Alpaca coat (light and very warm) and my Borsalino hat, opened my portable umbrella, and marched the 75 feet across the street to the restaurant.  I ordered the Cacio e Pepe and a side dish of Roasted Carrot, Anchovy, Garlic & Pickled Chili, accompanied by a glass of the house Bianco.  To my delight, the pasta was perfect, so it was a success.

Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to acquiring the right footwear, stopping briefly at the Union Square Greenmarket to buy microgreens from Two Guys from Woodbridge (CT), visiting another wine store (for a bottle of Cesanese), and planning my trek to Harlem.  Jan and Jennifer have a lovely apartment in Harlem, made a delicious dinner with pasta and lentils, and several side dishes of wonderful vegetables, plus a variety of wines.  They showed me the photos of the house being renovated in the Bronx, and then packed me up with more wine, olive oil, and warm wishes to send me back home.  Fortunately, the snow stopped late that night, so the drive home on Thursday was easy, and it took only 4 1/2 hours with stops along the way.

As I began to depart from the city, I stopped at Eataly Vino for my errant case of wine.  Lenny obligingly came out to the car and loaded it in the back.   I asked if I could quote him on “Living on the edge…”, and he graciously agreed, adding that it was not his line, but rather borrowed from his father-in-law, so I thanked them both and drove off.

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2 Responses to Impending Snow, More Dining in New York City

  1. Being a lover of wine….have you been to Pasanella & Sons Vintners, 115 South St. NYC.?

    • dgourmac says:

      Hi, Susan,
      No, I have never been there. It looks interesting. Do you recommend it? I rarely get to that part of the city, but I could arrange it on my next visit.

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