Late Dinner at SRV Boston

I was in town late yesterday, so when my meetings were over, I went to SRV Boston for a late dinner.  (SRV = Serene Republic of Venice)  This is an intriguing restaurant.  I go there for the pasta, and for the Venetian overtones.  You might enjoy this review from the Boston Globe.

The wine list is appropriately strong with choices from the Italian northeast regions.  Unmoved by the list of selections by the glass, I decided to start with a house specialty, a Negroni.  Very glad I did.  It was terrific.

The server surprised me with a tasty plate of amuse bouche, a gift from the kitchen.  I did not catch all the ingredients when she recited them, so I just ate and enjoyed.

Next was my Piatto — a Potato-Montasio Cheese Frico.  It was outstanding, especially the mouth-filling chunks of kohlrabi brovada (which I later learned is a lightly pickled vegetable preparation from Friuli).

Finally, I chose the pasta course — Tortelli Piacentini (description and photo below).

Not especially attractive visually, these Tortelli reminded me of blintzes ( they were filled with a fresh cheese, reminiscent of Farmer Cheese).  Cardoons and sour oranges have probably never graced blintzes.  The flavors were exotic and pleasurable.  They were also VERY hard to match with wine, so I continued to sip my Negroni (which paired very well)  For fun I also asked for a taste of the Li Veli Malvasia Nera, which I did find complementary (as well as complimentary).  Having visited Masseria Li Veli in Puglia twice before, I was gratified to find the wine from the southern tip of Italy playing well with the food from the most northeastern location.

By the time I drove home, all the traffic had dissipated.   It was a fine evening.

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