2018 New Dishes for the Portfolio

The advent of the New Year provided several opportunities to explore new recipes.  This brief post will highlight several of these.

Today’s venture was a photo op with some sweet green and red peppers: roasted, peeled, and piled on my favorite plate for antipasto soon.  Not a new food item, but always satisfying with a little sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

A new recipe for me came from Food52, a Tuscan Onion Soup.  I bet you thought French Onion Soup was from France!  Well, according to this source, it really originated in Tuscany.  In any case, it was delicious tonight.

A few days ago I tried two simple recipes, one from Cook’s magazine out of my hard-copy archives from October, 1989 — Tomato-Stewed Squash with Garlic and Black Olives.  The other was from Grace Parisi in Food & Wine — a potato gnocchi with rye flour.  Each was a nice change of pace on traditional dishes, and they tasted good, as well.


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