Vegetable Dinner with Friends

Chris and Joan have been friends for many years, but we don’t often have the opportunity to get all four of us together for food and wine.  Two weeks ago, we had such an occasion, and the vegetarian dinner provided a delightful evening of food, wine, and fellowship.

We were too busy talking and laughing to take any photos.  However, I thought you might enjoy the menu and one of the recipes from that night.

Calabrian Melanzane sott’Olio

Given Chris’ Italian heritage and my predilection for the wines of Italy, one of the big surprises was that the wines I chose were all from California and Arizona.  At least many of the grapes were of French or Italian ancestry.  They were all delicious.

We always have fun together.  An example was the year before, when we had lunch and toured Boston harbor with them on their boat (where they also reside most of the year).



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