Working Backwards, from Most Recent….

Now let’s see, where were we….

I have not posted anything except for a little music since March.  That may be because I haven’t spent two straight weeks at home since the end of January.  Traveling and teaching have consumed my energies, but I have only two more trips to make, and I can begin to catch up now.  I’ll start with last night’s simple dinner with wonderful wine.

For Saturday’s night’s meal, I made a simple Porcini Risotto.  It was very good, and we had some leftovers which provided last night’s meal:

  • arancini
  • braised cabbage and carrots
  • braised, then roasted, fingerling potatoes

Barbara does an amazing job with the arancini.  She makes small balls with the leftover risotto, pokes a small hole into the center and stuffs a little steamed zucchini into the hole, seals it up, rolls each ball in bread crumbs, and deep fries it in virgin olive oil.  Perfetto!

The wine was a marvelous Cesanese Riserva, from Damiano Cioli, imported by Jan D’Amore.  This is far and away the best Cesanese I’ve had.  It’s produced by a young couple who have transformed the family vineyards to a stunning, natural boutique wine.  Sold by Eataly Vino in New York.

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2 Responses to Working Backwards, from Most Recent….

  1. I tried Cesanese for the first time several years ago and it was luscious! Look forward to trying this one!

  2. dgourmac says:

    Thank you for the comment, Elizabeth. I’ll be interested in your reaction if you find this one. If not available in AZ, let me know, and perhaps I can get some for you.

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