Vegetable Soup with Farro and Barley

Barbara and I each had dental work in the past week and are currently sporting temporary crowns (not the Regal kind).  This situation cries out for a good soup, so I invented one.

I have always enjoyed good, organic Farro, so I combined some with Italian Barley and four different kinds of greens from Asian and local markets, to make this soup.


leftover soup in a container

It was great for dinner last night, and for lunch this afternoon.  We devoured it so quickly, there were no photos of the serving bowls, so we are left with the photo above of what remains.

From my cellar I had chosen a 2008 Cornalin, which on previous tastings did not impress very much.  However, this grape apparently needs ageing, and it was an ideal match for the soup, which was especially enhanced by the addition of some Slovenian fleur de sel, which I had been saving for awhile.

wine-and-salt piranske-soline



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