Barbara’s Crab cakes and Villa Creek Rhone-style White Wine

Very short and sweet: Barbara made her signature crab cakes tonight — baked instead of fried.  Outstanding!  Paired with a 2013 Villa Creek white wine: 80% Grenache Blanc and 20% Rousanne — Rhône Valley by way of Paso Robles.  Perfect match and a great meal, when accompanied by steamed broccoli and carrots sautéed in olive oil and apple cider.

crab cakes-2 2013 White Villa Creek

Update – 12/14/15

By popular demand, this post has been updated to include the recipe (below).  As the consumer and critic (Barbara is the chef here), I believe the keys to success with this dish are the following:

  • superior premium jumbo lump crab meat (we used a can of Stavis Seafoods wild-caught crab from the Philippines, bought at the Quarterdeck in Maynard).
  • very fine dice for the celery (Barbara is expert at that)
  • top-notch bread for the bread crumbs (made from slices of Jessica’s Tuscan Pane, crusts trimmed off, chopped fine in the food processor, and toasted light brown)

Buon appetito!

Crab Cake Recipe Premium Crabmeat Stavis Seafoods Wild caught Philippines


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1 Response to Barbara’s Crab cakes and Villa Creek Rhone-style White Wine

  1. Judy Seinfeld says:

    Yum yum and happiest of the New Year.

    Let me have Barbara’s crab cake recipe if you get a chance. Her food is always great!.

    Hugs to both.


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