Rye Bread in My New, Custom Bread Pot

Two and a half years ago, I posted an entry about making Tartine bread in one of Judith Motzkin’s ceramic bread pots.  Since then, my bread-making has become more whole grained, and I’ve developed a real fondness for rye breads.  As I shifted to Ken Forkish-style breads, I’ve found that the ceramic pot was a little too small.  This Fall I visited Judy at her studio in Cambridge, and we discussed my need for a larger, wider pot.

Recently she called me to say it was ready.  I’m happy to say that its maiden voyage was successful today, as one of the two vessels for my rye bread with caraway seeds.  Here are the photos, showing both this pot and a Le Creuset, also just the right size, along with the breads from each one.  I enjoy these recipes because they make two loaves at a time, so I can eat one this week, and freeze the other  for the near future.

breads and pots X 2 bread and larger pot

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