More of My Whole Grain Breads plus Corn Salad

Late August means lots of wonderful ripe local tomatoes and the end of the best corn of the season.  One meal I really enjoyed couple of weeks ago was on a Sunday when I made bread again.  It consisted of a corn, black bean and cherry tomato salad with some slices of freshly-baked bread.

I was especially ambitious that weekend; since I had no more of my whole grain breads in the freezer, I decided to make a double recipe — 4 loaves — with two different formulations.  One recipe was the 75% whole grain levain which has become my mainstay.  The other was a variation in which I substituted 16% fresh-milled durum flour for an equivalent amount of sprouted organic whole wheat from the same home mill.  Both wholesome and delicious.

black bean tomato corn salad and bread

black bean tomato corn salad and bread

all four loaves

all four whole grain loaves

black bean tomato corn salad and bread-3

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