Roasted Vegetable Revelation

RV =  Roasted Vegetable Revelation, a spectacular new dish for me, and it was tonight’s dinner.

After two days post-Thanksgiving on a freshly-made juice diet while I recovered from intestinal difficulties (most likely from overindulging on spaghetti and non-vegan clam sauce on Wednesday night before the holiday), I was ready to cook again tonight.

Food and wine always have such interesting connections for me.  We had a great traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Laura and Michael’s house on Thursday with a bunch of their great friends and family.  One of the guests — the daughter of one of Laura’s long-term friends — turns out to be an accomplished chef and a recipe tester for Food52, one of my favorite blogs.  While exploring her selected favorite recipes online the other day, I came across this one for Roasted Spring Root Vegetables with Horseradish-Thyme Butter.  It appealed to me, so I made a copy of the recipe and vowed to make it very soon.  I’m very glad I did.

Roasted Root Vegs with Horseradish Butter or Oil

Fortunately, it is simple.  That’s good, because most of the day today I was making a batch of dough for bread, getting my car repaired, helping Barbara hang her quilt in the music room, and reading a graduate thesis paper.  In my spare time, I trimmed and roasted the vegetables (substituting a regular red onion for the Vidalia), roasted a side order of thinly-sliced Jerusalem artichokes and four Shitake mushrooms, and then made the sauce described above, substituting olive oil (you could also use coconut oil) for the butter, and picking some more of the Provençal fresh thyme from my otherwise-bereft garden.  For protein and color, I cooked 1/2 cup of quinoa and a handful of green beans.  This all made for a superb dinner, accompanied by another of Social Wines’ special suggestions, a 2011 Slovenian Malvasia — Burja.  Like the Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc (Verus), this was excellent.  John and Eileen scored again!

Burja 2011


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