Verde Valley, Part 2 — Page Springs, Jerome and Sedona

One of the prettiest spots we visited in Arizona was Page Springs Winery, not far from Cottonwood and only 15 minutes or so from Sedona.  We got there early on a Friday, before the heaviest traffic arrived at the tasting room and restaurant there.

After tasting and having a bite to eat (very fine grilled cheese and truffle sandwich), we took a walk along the creek below the winery, taking in the speckled sunlight through the trees and watching a heron do his thing.

Page Springs Science! Page Springs vineyard heron in the creek all 4 of us creekside

Aaron & Bree

On Saturday we went up to Jerome, a fascinating place that sits atop Cleopatra Hill at an elevation of 5,200 feet.  With a current population of 444 people, it is a funky combination of artist galleries, tourist shops, wine tasting, motorcycle groups, and a history of a once-booming copper mine town.  The view from up there down to the valley was quite a sight.  We also loved the tasting room at Caduceus, the kaleidoscope and sand painting mobiles store (Nellie Bly), and the House of Joy, featuring Miss Piggy.

sky from Jerome Miss Piggy House of Joy Miss Piggy's hat OPEN mosaic mirror hippies

Nellie Bly

Sunday was our day to visit Sedona, where we had been seven years ago when visiting Aaron in Prescott.  We spent a fine morning in Tlaquepaque, a classy arts and crafts village.  We wandered through the shops and galleries, bought a beautifully-made bowl of segmented wood pieces done by a local artist, and then had an excellent lunch at René Restaurant there.  Two other artistic highlights were a halloween mosaic in the courtyard, done in rose petals, and a Fall harvest decoration on a water fountain.

bowl - Lolo


Barbara smiles

rose petal Halloween mosaic Fall harvest fountain

Navarro Gallery

Rene Sedona

We got home late Monday night after a fine trip, and Tuesday did our first coking in almost a week.  I made a Beet, Celeriac, and Feta Cheese salad on top of chopped parsley and cilantro.  Barbara did her own version of the Spinach, Potato and Onion soup we enjoyed at Abbie’s Kitchen in Cottonwood.  Since there is no other place to post these two photos, I’m placing them here because I associate the meal with our trip.

beet-celeriac-feta salad

spinach-potato-onion soup

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  1. Bongo says:

    So fun seeing your take on my home territory.

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