1 Tomato + 2 Slices of Bread = Panino

Simple and spectacular is “in” for lunch today.  Start with a 1996 cookbook by Viana La Place, Unplugged Kitchen.  Read through it a few days before, and make notes of things you want to try.  Select Tomato and Oregano Panino for today’s lunch.

Unplugged Kitchen-18

Find your latest freshly-made country bread on the counter.  In my case that would be two loaves of Ken Forkish-style breads I baked two days ago: Pain de Campagne (my first attempt of this recipe) and Field Blend #2.5 (my more intensely whole grain version of his Blend #2, with extra whole wheat and rye replacing some of KAF white bread flour).

four breads-53T

Pan fry two slices of bread in Pugliese olive oil (I used one of each bread, to make two separate small panini).  Slice one tomato with flavor (I used Kumato from the market, now that local tomatoes are all gone).  Lay the tomato slices on one piece of toasted bread.  Sprinkle with your best sea salt and a few drops of wine vinegar.  Crush between your fingers and crumble onto the tomato slices the very fragrant and rich Italian or Greek dried oregano.  Top with the other piece of bread.  Serve with a glass of 2012 Bisson Ciliegiolo, a marvelous Ligurian rosé with flavors of wild strawberries and tart cranberry.  Smile at the simplicity and the deliciousness of the experience.

oil and vinegar-56 tomato and bread-59 open panino and wine-47 Best Oregano-00 panino and wine-49 Portofino-54

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