Charbono with Slow-Cooked Delicacies

This will be a short post, since the key two recipes involved are already on the Internet.

Yesterday, I was in the mood for meltingly-tender, slowly-cooked (but not in a slow cooker) vegetables, so I prepared two terrific dishes from recipes I came across recently.  One was Roy Finamore’s Broccoli Cooked Forever recipe on  The other was an Eggplant and Olive Stew from a food blog I follow, with the charming name of Easy Peasy Organic.  I had a small quantity of each last night and was more than delighted, so tonight we built dinner around them, using the Eggplant-Olive Stew served on organic brown rice as the main dish, with a large side plate containing these vegetables:

  • haricots verts picked from my raised bed garden this afternoon
  • leftover corn
  • “broccoli cooked forever”
  • boiled and cooled red and golden beets from the farmers market
  • chopped cucumber, lightly marinated in rice wine vinegar, topped with sesame seeds
  • plus a small piece of my olive-walnut whole grain bread to recover every milliliter of the unctuous olive oil seeping from the slow-cooked broccoli

Who knew that vegetables could be so satisfying?

The final component was wine, of course.  This was the third night with the 2011 Harrington Charbono.  I had kept it in the refrigerator, and the cooler wine was perfect with the dinner, so much so that I called Michael at Thirst Wine and asked him to save the remaining 6 bottles in the store for me.

dinner table

my veggie plate

eggplant stew and brown rice

Harrington - Fratelli-04

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2 Responses to Charbono with Slow-Cooked Delicacies

  1. Charbono is one of my favorite wines, whether 100% or blended. Not to many folks know about it! (maybe that’s a good thing…..more for us!)

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