Invest in Stocks

No, not that kind.  I’m talking about stocks = broths, for cooking, of course.

When we first got serious about making risotto — many years ago — I learned of the importance of having a plentiful supply of various high-quality homemade stocks.  Barbara always made great chicken stock, so that was the staple over most of our omnivorous days.  But I also had great success with mushroom broth, shrimp stock, fish stock, and especially lobster stock.  We bought a separate freezer which enabled us to have variety and depth on hand at almost any time —  when we made the effort to make a large batch of it.

My favorite cookbook on risotto is Judith Barrett’s second book, Risotto Risotti, an easy-to-follow, creative set of recipes spanning all kinds of risotto dishes.

Risotto cover-

In the book are two excellent vegetable stocks, which we also used in the old days — the more flavorful of which is the Roasted Vegetable Broth.  This is now our mainstay vegan stock for all kinds of purposes — risotto, paella, soups, pasta sauces, etc.

basic veg broth

roasted veg broth

It occurred to me that I should share these with you, as well as other stocks I have made or adapted, which I find worthwhile.  Below is a small compendium for ready reference.  Feel free to substitute and modify, based on component availability and your taste.  I am including the lobster pasta special and associated stock — not because I still eat this — but when I created it in 2000, it was amazingly good, and continued to receive critical acclaim from our guests over the next 10 years.  Enjoy!

Bittman - Roasted Veg Stock

Basic Vegetable Broth Solo Verdura

Rich Wild Mushroom Broth handwritten

Roasted Vegetable Stock - Max Fisher - The Atlantic

lobster pasta special

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