Paella Lesson

Based on the success of the vegetable paella the week before, Laura and Molly decided to come over Monday night for a paella lesson.  Recent injuries somewhat hampered their hands-on ability for the evening, but we had a great time and everything turned out well.

Paella collage-

The paella we chose was the next page in Penelope Casas’ cookbook.  It was an Eggplant, Olive, Anchovy and Caper Paella, the recipe shown below:

Casas-eggplant Paella 1a Casas-eggplant Paella 2

Except for leaving out the scallions (which don’t agree with Molly), we followed the recipe pretty well.  I used one of the roasted vegetable stocks I made last weekend (more about that in a forthcoming post).  Molly did a fine job of helping with the prep and taking photos as we went.

1-anchovy 2-cutting board 3-at sink 4-sofrito 5-add rice 6-add stock 8-ready to eat in pan 9-first serving 10-on plate beans added

We had a variety of wines: a Fiano di Avellino, a Villa Creek Tempranillo blend (in keeping with the Spanish theme), and some of the Chianti Classico from a few nights ago. All were open; we finished the two reds with the meal.  The Fiano actually went very nicely with the first course: a cold, peppery carrot soup by Barbara, which I had taken out of the freezer a few days before, thinking it was veggie stock.  The label had not been updated, but the soup was great on a hot night — just needed to be blitzed in the Vita-Mix before serving cold.

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