Strangest Meal of the Week

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I am pretty certain that tonight’s supper will stand up as “strangest meal of the week” for at least several more days.

People do weird things when they are hungry.  Tonight I returned home after a three-hour class and an hour commute, caught up on phone calls, emails, and packages, and then found the kitchen again.  But I was hungry, so “quick” and “filling” moved far ahead of “elegant” and “creative. ”

Supper was mostly a replay of recent events:

  • pan-grilled multigrain Tartine bread
  • topped with black bean and roasted red pepper purées
  • three Basque Piparras peppers on the side
  • several glasses of Paola Bea 2010 Santa Chiara
  • a new entrant in my late-night refrigerator kimchi stash: Wildbrine Arame Ginger Sauerkraut Salad (eaten directly from the container —  I still have dishes left in the sink from lunch)
  • a bowl of Collard Greens with Seitan Chorizo soup from a few days ago
  • and small amounts of the remaining mushroom pieces, left from my production of an 18th-century British recipe for Mushroom Ketchup — which turned out pretty good.

Matiz Piparras

Arame and Ginger-18 Sauerkraut-18

Unifying themes — if there were any — were full-flavored (understatement), filling, and fast.  I just wanted you to know that I don’t always cook like it’s a special event.  At least this was all vegan.

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