June Vegan Tapas Lunch

It’s June, and it’s hot.  Only 88° F. today, down from 95° yesterday.  But it’s Sunday, and as always, lunch is a favorite meal.  This time, it was inspired again by dinner at Cava in Portsmouth last night, an excellent tapas and wine bar.

Here is the short and sweet summary.  I took out my two favorite grill pans and proceeded to use them for an assortment of vegetables, some fresh, some leftover.  In succession I made a tapas plate with:

  • a few grilled asparagus
  • a couple of eggplant slices, grilled
  • three pieces of plump red Greek roasted peppers
  • baby golden beets (steamed yesterday, finished on the grill with oil, salt and lemon )
  • freshly picked arugula from my raised-bed garden
  • reheated broccoli rabe, crisped slightly in the pan
  • a leftover block of tofu, marinated in olive oil and hoisin sauce, then grilled

I also toasted a half of a pita bread, to scoop up some of the hummus I made a couple of days ago, and served it all with a 2012 Villa Creek Rose (70% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre).  A few small cubes of Greek feta cheese completed the plate, part of the almost-vegan ethic.

Tapas plate with notes

Villa Creek Rose

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